Articles for newspapers and magazines

WINNER: The Daily Telegraph’s Just Back travel writing competition in 2019

Countries written about include: England, South Africa, France, Spain, Germany, Malaysia, Thailand, Japan, Myanmar, Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia, India, Australia

Stories for London’s Daily Mail (11 articles)

Guardian Travel: Crop circles in Wiltshire

Recently published:

Restaurants in Grenoble, southeast France. Foie gras et Chartreuse …
On A Luxury Travel Blog

Interview with chef Tess Ward for The Telegraph

Piece on the award-winning Akram Khan Company and exporting UK culture for

Restaurants in Auvergne, central France. With enough cheese to clog every artery in Europe
On A Luxury Travel Blog

Soak in the Speed, a German travel story for Horizon magazine

Love Auvergne, the central French region full of volcanoes and cheese.
For Huffington Post

Honeymoon Hints for Horizon magazine

German travel ideas for Huffington Post

Party By The Sea, Phuket’s beach bars for Horizon magazine

Fortune’s Flood, a feature on cruising the Tonle Sap in Cambodia for Silkroad (Dragonair inflight magazine)

Penang’s Tropical Spice Garden for Indulge (Star Cruises magazine)

5 of the most decadent spas in Bangkok on A Luxury Travel Blog

5 fabulous seaside Phuket resorts on A Luxury Travel Blog

Passion Fruit, durian tourism in Penang for Indulge magazine. Two photographs

Feature on Takayama, Japan, for Hong Kong Express airline magazine, UO. Text and photography

Party Central feature on Phuket’s beach clubs for Silkroad (Dragonair inflight magazine)

Weekend Warriors for Tiger Tales (Tiger Air in-flight magazine)

Nostalgia Trip on Penang for Tiger Tales (Tiger Air inflight magazine)

Peranakan jewellery in Penang for Indulge magazine

Osaka street food for Hong Kong Express airline magazine, UO. Text and photography

Clan houses of Penang for Indulge magazine

Heritage hotels in Penang for Horizon magazine

Myanmar feature for Silkroad (Dragonair inflight magazine)
Review of Road to Mandalay Ayeyarwady boat trip in Myanmar for

Writing for American internet newspaper Huffington Post:
India (10 articles)
SE Asia (17 articles)

Translated into Danish for daily newspaper Politiken

Going Global for business travelers
Wheeling and dealing in New Delhi:
Part two:
Sentral, Kuala Lumpur

Penang International Ren i Tang, a heritage boutique hotel in Penang converted from SE Asia’s oldest medical hall

Kuala Lumpur: Malaysia’s capital, text and photographs

Cambodia for Go Explore magazine, India

Publications contributed to include:
The Telegraph
The Holland Herald (KLM airline magazine)
Silkroad (Dragonair inflight magazine)
The Huffington Post
The Sydney Morning Herald
Horizon (TurboJET ferry magazine, Hong Kong)
Indulge (Star Cruises magazine)
Times Online
The Guardian
Vogue Living Australia
The Australian Financial Review Magazine

The Herald Sun
The Sunday Herald Sun
The Melbourne Herald
The Age
The Australian Way, Qantas magazine

My photograph of the High Court in Chandigarh is featured in the city guide.

And my report is reported on in Malaysia’s national English daily The Star


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