Posted by: Carolyn ODonnell | April 16, 2012

Incredibly boring, but …

Weather – dullest subject on Earth. However it is still the cause of much discomfort and destruction.

It’s getting really hot here in Penang, just north of the Equator. That isn’t normally a problem, but it’s so humid, it’s stopping me from sleeping. I keep reaching premature consciousness to scratch my itchy neck and head. No, I don’t have fleas. Waking up with a hangover at least implies some fun was had the night before. Waking up with irritated skin just suggests allergies or the onset of psoriasis. Uggh.

My hair, so useful in a cold climate, is making me hot, and sleeping on my stomach is creating a little oven of sheets and pillow and mane. I can see why men get those crew cuts now, even if they are really ugly. I am so not into that prison guard/chain gang look, but clawing at myself is not very Grace Kelly either.

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