Posted by: Carolyn ODonnell | April 13, 2012

Ah, the irony

When I left the UK to travel and give my brain some space to sort itself out, I wrote a travel blog, which no one looked at. I’m not sure why, it was far less boring than many I’ve seen.

It had sex (Thailand), devil worship (Laos) and the worst transportation in the world (Burma). See Disasters for a photo of my third train accident. I would have had two photos on the page, but the software was not co-operating. But the sentence at the top is now a link to another photo. I have no idea how that happened. I’ll put it down to mysteries of the internet.

So now I’m in a hiatus, trying to get my plastic bags back and sort out a few things and I bet lots of people look at this and then write, saying, ‘Why is your blog so dull? Why don’t you go somewhere?’

Give me time. I’m working up to it. I already know what my next project should be and hooray, it involves plenty of wine.

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