Posted by: Carolyn ODonnell | April 11, 2012

Writing is hard, but building a website is harder

I thought writing a book would be difficult, but building a website makes me want to hit the computer with a hammer. Again and again and … Upload, you wretched photograph!

But this will be like tickling puppies with rose petals compared with what’s coming up next. Now I’ve actually finished the book, I have to find an agent. One who not only understands what I am getting at, but likes it.

Two rejections so far, one from a woman who handles books I wouldn’t read anyway (don’t care) and one from an agent I’m sure would be great, but she only looked at a few articles that really aren’t that brilliant. The book is better – at least in parts. It was a nice polite email though, and she said I was ‘polished’. Thanks M.

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